duct cleaning You would be surprised how dirty your duct work can get. Even the most meticulous housekeeper cannot prevent the inevitable accumulation of macroscopic and microscopic particles. Not only does your ventilation system trap dust, pollen, hair, dander, and many other irritants, ductwork can often become a breeding ground for various molds, mildew, and bacteria that can be a problem for those with asthma, severe allergies, or respiratory illnesses. The inside of the duct is a dark, temperature controlled area supplied with a constant stream of air, which makes it the perfect breeding ground for microorganisms that could be dangerous to your health.

The solution? Call Premium Duct Cleaning at 443-710-1526 ASAP! Our technicians are all fully trained, experienced, fully bonded and insured. We use professional equipment to thoroughly clean all the interior surfaces of your ductwork to help you get rid of all the dirt that is accumulating in your heating and air conditioning.

We provide:

- Duct cleaning services for houses, townhouses, and apartments. For apartments, we only offer services if the apartment is at or below the second floor and within 40 feet of a parking space.

- Cleaning services for heating and air conditioning duct work

- Sanitizing services: killing mold, mildew and bacteria

- Deodorizing services: damp rot, moisture and smoke odor

Your satisfaction is absolutely guaranteed!


The air quality and efficiency of your heating/air conditioning in your home should be a top priority. After all, it is the air you breathe! Our cleaning process takes only about three hours for 1 HVAC system, and before you know it, you’ll be breathing clean, healthy air again.

Health and Safety

The buildup of dust, dirt, and bacteria in your ventilation system leads to the perfect environment for mold and mildew. You could also be breathing in other microscopic irritants such as dust particles, pollen, and dandruff. These dangerous particles are impossible to get rid of without a thorough duct cleaning. The quality of the air in your home affects the health of people with and without allergies or illnesses.

System Efficiency

If your ducts are not properly cleaned, you could be losing money! A congested air duct needs to spend more energy pushing through the same amount of air as a clean air duct. You want your HVAC to be a lean, mean, fighting machine! This is even more important during summer or winter, when efficient indoor climate control can save you a significant chunk of change on your next energy bill.

Peace of Mind
There is no greater feeling than knowing you are doing everything you can to save on your electricity bill and improve the quality of your lifestyle. This kind of stress relief is priceless. Plus, a simple duct cleaning could help you catch other issues with your ventilation system.  

The benefits of having air ducts cleaned are proven and plentiful. You have no reason not to invest in keeping yourself and your family safe and healthy by booking your next duct cleaning as soon as possible. Contact us at  443-710-1526.

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