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Your heating and cooling system is designed to make your home and family comfortable but if not properly maintained it could contribute to your allergy problems and also higher energy bill which is at an all time high .

Change or clean filters once a month. When using air conditioning, set thermostat to 72-75 degrees. When using the heating, set thermostat to 68-70 degrees if main ducts are equipped with volume dampers (which are located in the main supply duct above air handler) regulate level to direct most of cool air to top level in summer; then in winter leave all control handles in the fully open position (hot air rises, cold air falls). When using cooling, close all vents located in the basement (except cold air return). On the first floor only open vents to suit comfort level in areas necessary such as kitchen, family room, dining room, etc. Close vents most of the way in other areas of the house. On the second floor, open vents fully in occupied areas or rooms. In unoccupied rooms close vents halfway and close door.