When was the last time you had even considered getting your dryer vent cleaned? It should be right now! Did you know that built-up lint in your dryer vent can endanger your family? That’s right! Your home has a higher chance of catching fire from a clogged dryer vent than from even a blocked chimney.
We are not just talking about the lint trap you routinely clean out (which is important to clean too!), but the vent that leads from the back or top of your dryer to the outdoors. The vent that leads from the back of your dryer into the outside is easy to forget about.

Our ladders and reach high up to 25 ft. from the ground , so we can clean dryer vent in most residential houses, townhomes and condos ( approximately up to 3rd floor high, please email us a pictures of place where your dryer vent comes our and we will get back to you, if you unsure how far from the ground your vent. )


  • Your dryer will overheat. This can lead to damage and further problems that could lead to you having to replace the machine, or worse.
  • Your dryer will cost more to operate. The larger the obstruction, the harder the vent will have to work to push through the same amount of air.
  • You will also have to wait longer for your clothes to dry.
  • You may begin to have humidity/mold problems. The moist, dark, and steady air flow in your dryer vent is a perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew. You don’t want that being pumped in over your clothes!
  • Congested dryer vents mean a higher risk of house fire!


Efficiency and Safety

Dryer vent cleaning improves the safety and efficiency of your dryer and home. The US Fire Administration reports 2,500 clothes dryer fires in the US every year, as well as numerous deaths and injuries, and over $35,000,000 in property damage. With time and use, your dryer exhaust vent can fill with lint that gets past the dryer’s filter. This lint is extremely combustible. As the lint builds up, the dryer can overheat, which can lead to a fire.

Annual dryer vent cleaning is more necessary than ever before. Newer homes tend to have the dryers located closer to the center of the building, in areas like bathrooms, kitchens and hall closets. While convenient to the homeowner, these new locations mean that the length of the vent must be much longer to reach the exterior wall. These long distances mean that the ducts may have more bends to accommodate the extended path. These bends as well as the additional length create more places where lint, mold, mildew, and animals and birds can nest and hide.

Improper Dryer Installation

In addition to lint build up, improper installation of your dryer vent system can also create a serious hazard. Problems such as improperly routed dryer vents or vents, and damaged or disconnected vents can cause serious problems with both safety and efficiency.

Birds and Animals

When spring comes, birds start looking for the warm and safe place for their nests. Dryer vent and exhaust vents are often one of their favorite choices. Unfortunately, this can create problems for both the house and the birds.

Clogged by the highly flammable nest, the dryer vent can stop working properly, increasing your risk of fire. Besides the fire hazard, the birds can cause odors and be injured by the machinery.

To prevent birds from nesting in your vents, it is highly recommended to check all of your vents at the beginning of spring. Check in places where you have seen birds before, listen for chirping, and look for bird droppings or feathers near the vents. We recommend installing vent covers of hardware cloth. We also recommend higher quality covers because they are easy to install and remove for cleaning for the next time.

The PREMIUM DUCT CLEANING technician will:

  • Measure the airflow using a special air flow meter at the exterior dryer vent.
  • Visually inspect the dryer vent and flexible ducting for correct type of duct work and absence of damage or disconnection.
  • Connect the vacuum system to the dryer vent duct and run special brushes through the duct to safely remove lint, and other possible obstructions. Bird nests will be safely removed with a specialized tool ( for an extra charge ).

Benefits of dryer vent cleanings:

  • Fire prevention
  • Reduced energy costs/utility bills
  • Reduced drying times
  • Increased life of your dryer and increased dryer efficiency
  • Reduced future maintenance calls
  • Less wear on clothes from overheating and excessive tumbling

Clothes dryer fires statistics: